Probate Services



Maher Probate Realty is a specialized probate, trusts and estates real estate brokerage whose purpose is to help families navigate the probate process in a headache-free manner, and sell their inherited real estate assets for the highest possible price. Our company was founded and is overseen by Oron Maher, an attorney who’s been a licensed agent and broker for over 20 years.  We have uniquely mastered the art of properly serving all parties involved in the probate process including personal representatives, administrators, beneficiaries and attorneys.  In our service to you, we utilize an incredible 21-point marketing plan, conduct title advisory searches, strategize about how to solve challenges facing the property, and make sure we are meeting court requirements.

Probate is procedural in nature and has unique requirements that must be handled with the highest level of integrity and diligence.

Our probate services include:

  • Pre-sale consultation and property value analysis
  • Customized sales strategy to bring the highest possible sales price
  • Proprietary 12-point marketing plan with global reach
  • High-level professional resources, including attorneys, title companies, financiers, contractors and real estate brokers
  • Direct marketing to our large database of clients, investors, developers and business owners
  • Weekly team meetings regarding the property and sales progress
  • Transaction management and ongoing status reporting to client
  • Proactive communication with all authorized parties in the transaction
  • Court appearances as needed to present offers and information

While many real estate agents may have done probate transactions, few if any actually work at a company whose sole purpose is the sale of probate real estate.  This is why no company is able to reach our breadth of marketing and diligence.

We only get paid at the close of escrow of your property, just like in a regular real estate transaction; and we charge a standard commission.

If you are going through the probate process and have real estate to sell, give us a call.  It costs you nothing and if anything, gives you a chance to speak with the most sophisticated probate team in California.

We look forward to speaking with you about your unique situation.