Six Pillars of Maher Commercial Realty



At Maher Commercial Realty, our Six Pillars guide us in all aspects of our business from whom we hire to how we conduct ourselves in our transactions and daily lives. We believe principally in these core values and constantly strive to better ourselves in all of these respective categories.

1. Service-Oriented

We take a long-term advisory approach to our business which means valuing a consultative approach vs. a quick sale approach. Our goal is to provide world-class service to our clients in all facets of a real estate transaction in order to obtain a life-long relationship.

2. Integrity

Our fiduciary duty to our clients comes first and foremost. It drives all of our conversations. We value honesty and fair-dealing in all of our communications.

3. Specialized Knowledge

Our agents are trained to be laser-focused on an asset class and sub-market making them masters of their craft.

4. Growth-Oriented

Personal and professional growth are an important part of our culture.  We know that the key to business development and a thriving personal life come from self-improvement, education and the continuous pursuit of growth.

5. Grit

The ability to never give-up on what’s right, to go the extra mile for our clients, to stay strong during changing market cycles, to do everything ethically and legally possible to reach our goals.

6. Discipline

The ability to control and motivate yourself, stay on track and make your vision a reality.

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Our clients’ projects have spanned a diversity of industries and business sectors with requirements just as varied. We are committed to providing excellent service and delivering successful results tailored to the specific needs of each client!