Special Services personal representatives



As the personal representative of an estate, you have a world of responsibilities to manage. You must deal with the court, the beneficiaries and heirs, and a number of professionals. You must expedite transactions in a manner consistent with court requirements and timelines.

It is critical to choose the right brokerage when real estate is involved. Maher-CR Probate Brokerage Company is uniquely qualified to help you with the probate sale of commercial or residential real estate!

Company President Oron Maher is a licensed attorney and broker. He is a member of the Beverly Hills Bar Association and served as Chair for 4 consecutive years. He is also a member of the Trusts and Estates section of the Beverly Hills Bar Association. This distinction, along with our proprietary 12-Stage Marketing System, will give you unparalleled support and results. Here are the benefits we offer:

  • Payment of your probate fees
  • Research of title and tax issues, along with suggestions for solving any problems
  • Analysis of the market position of the property along with current market trends
  • Ability to explain the sale process to buyers and agents involved in the transaction
  • Custom-tailored communication to fit your preference: your choice of email, phone calls, voicemail, text or combination
  • Property management, including rent collection, property clean-up, repairs, evictions and maintenance of building and grounds
  • Proper paperwork and forms for the probate sale
  • Accurate use of court confirmation language in all related contracts and documents
  • Analysis and communication of all issues affecting the marketability of the property, including photos and documentation
  • Expert strategies and proprietary marketing systems for hard-to-sell properties, including properties that are vacant, neglected, damaged, stigmatized or impacted by any adverse issues
  • Weekly email updates regarding the status of the listing, including statistical information about sales activities, sales responses, prospective buyers, offers and Letters of Intent
  • Coordination and communication with all professionals and principals in the transaction. We treat all beneficiaries in a fair and neutral manner.

In addition to all of the above, Maher-CR Probate Brokerage’s 12-Stage Marketing System is applied to every probate sale we handle.