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Your success as a commercial real estate investor, developer, tenant or seller depends heavily on your relationship with reliable commercial real estate experts. The agents at Maher Commercial Realty have the information, experience and systems to help you make the most of your opportunities.  

Why Choose a CRE Professional from Maher Commercial Realty?

We put our clients’ needs first in everything we do. Our company culture is one of zealous representation, specialized knowledge and long-term client relationships. We have the in-house ability to do more than most when it comes to selling listings. For example, we can send over 250,000 marketing emails, make thousands of cold calls, and research and identify unique potential purchasers within our network. These are just some of the many marketing tools we have for you. We believe that if we deliver for you today, we have built a client for life.

Why Should I Work with a Boutique Brokerage?

Boutique brokerages are more adept at managing changing markets while providing customized services. Since we are not publicly traded and have local, independent ownership, our business is driven by our clients – not by remote shareholders.  We are a relatively small company that lives and works in the Los Angeles communities we serve, which gives us perspective about the issues our clients face.

Our company was founded on the idea that quality is greater than quantity. Our agents are professionally mentored to deliver a high level of personalized service and expert negotiation with specialized market knowledge. Our agents act with purpose, with integrity and with commitment to our clients. 

We go the extra mile to ensure each of our clients receive world-class service. We  spend time each day concentrating on each of our listings, along with our client relationships and transactions in progress. What we know from our years of experience is that our detailed and focused client attention consistently adds money to their bottom line. 

What Separates a Good Broker from A Great Broker?

A great broker puts himself in the client’s shoes and takes his fiduciary duty seriously. A great broker creates a business plan and shows up to work knowing exactly what needs to be done to deliver for the client. A great broker has a specific strategy for each listing and time-blocks for it daily to deliver maximum results for the client. A great broker can find off-market opportunities for buyers so that they are not competing with a crowded field for investment opportunities. A great broker understands that focused and targeted marketing and strategic negotiation will lead to wins for the client – repeatedly!

Professional Brokers

You deserve a real estate broker that will be there with you each step of the way.

Superb Communication

We recognize and accept that clear communication is always a two-way process.

Great Locations

Obtaining the optimal location for a company by identifying needs and objectives.

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Our clients’ projects have spanned diverse industries and business sectors with requirements just as varied. We are committed to providing excellent service and delivering successful results tailored to the specific needs of each client!

Feel free to contact us if you have any Los Angeles commercial real estate questions. We invite you to sign up for our mailing list for more information and new listings. If you are interested in buying, selling or leasing Los Angeles commercial real estate, we’ll be happy to provide a free, no-obligation consultation.