Special Services for attorneys, personal representatives, administrators and executors



Maher-CR Probate Brokerage Company President Oron Maher is a licensed attorney and broker. He is a member of the Beverly Hills Bar Association and served as Chair for 4 consecutive years. He is also a member of the Trusts and Estates section of the Beverly Hills Bar Association. Maher-CR Probate Brokerage understands the probate process from the court perspective. This allows us to provide you a superior level of service and support compared to typical real estate companies. When you choose Maher-CR Probate Brokerage, you receive the benefits of our 5-Point Service Plan:

  1. Access to an online account where you can obtain copies of recorded documents with legal descriptions and transaction histories.

  2. 48-hour turnaround on Advisory Title opinions. Often, there is more than one way to resolve a legal matter. If you want to run a question or concern by the advisory title officer, we will guarantee you a 48-hour turnaround on an answer.

  3. Free lien search. We will search for any liens attached to the property. We save you valuable time by providing this information up front.High-level professional resources, including attorneys, title companies, financiers, contractors and real estate brokers.

  4. Free copies of recorded documents, saving you hassle and expense.Weekly team meetings regarding the property and sales progress.

  5. Courier service. Forgot to pick up that document when you were at the courthouse? No worries! Our efficient courier service makes messenger runs to retrieve court documents. This valuable, time-saving service saves you the headaches of chasing paper.Proactive communication with all authorized parties in the transaction.

We also provide the following benefits:

  • Ability to explain the process to buyers and agents involved in the transaction      
  • Custom-tailored communication to fit your preference: your choice of email, phone calls, voicemail, text or combination     
  • Custom-tailored procedures for your transaction management, conforming to your needs and preferences
  • Virtual “storage room,”giving you access to all of our files for your case    
  • Case number and client tags on all emails and documents for easy reference
  • Free research on market statistics, sales trends, property valuations, rental value, etc.
  • Free real estate concierge services to your team for any questions
  • Weekly Email Updates regarding the status of the listing, including statistical information about sales activities, sales responses, prospective buyers, offers and Letters of Intent
  • Review of title report and highlights of any potential issues, with our recommendations for solution
  • Reciprocal referral business— if you work with us, we will refer clients to you whenever possible
  • Referral fees available to attorneys who also hold a valid CA real estate broker or salesperson license
  • Flexibility in use of service providers such as title insurance, escrow companies and other third-party vendors
  • Proper paperwork and forms for each probate transaction
  • Accurate use of court confirmation language in all related contracts and documents
  • Analysis and communication of all issues affecting the marketability of the property, including photos and documentation
  • Expert strategies and proprietary marketing systems for hard-to-sell properties, including properties that are vacant, neglected, damaged, stigmatized or impacted by other adverse issues

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