When selling real property going through the probate process, the personal representative has many considerations to take into account including (a) satisfying all beneficiaries; (b) following proper court procedures; (c) ensuring that the properties sell for the highest possible price; (d) making sure the property is taken care of and presentable at sale; and (e) fulfilling the wishes of the deceased.

The mistakes most people make when choosing the real estate brokerage is that they might use somebody that they know, somebody that they have worked with in the past, a relative.  Some people might even use an agent who has a background in probate but works for a general real estate company, not specialized in probate.  This is a mistake that leads to multiple issues including delays in closing the probate, gaps in satisfying beneficiaries, and not selling the property for the highest possible price.

1. Understanding the Court Process- The probate process is procedural and nature and has many nuances unique to the sale of real estate.  You need to choose a company and an agent who understands these technicalities and addresses them upfront.  There are numerous probate cases that get delayed over and over again because of non-compliance.  Our company was founded by an attorney and 21+year real estate brokerage veteran and we will make sure the procedure is adhered to properly.

2. Title Advisory Opinions- Title reports are complicated and contain many potential pitfalls that can delay a sale of real property.  Our company will obtain a title report immediately upon being hired and will perform a free title advisory report highlighting any issues that should be addressed prior to putting the property on the market.  We believe that title reports don’t lie- they are black and white.  They tell us everything we need to know.  There is no reason for your sale to be held-up due to a missed title issue.  Note- many attorneys miss these issues as well.  We are a trusted resource for attorneys for turnaround title advisory reports.

3. 21-point marketing plan- We have put together a special 21-point probate marketing plan which includes not just marketing on MLS, CoStar, Loopnet and other internet portals but also: thousands of cold calls to investors and homeowners, an email marketing campaign to almost 100,000 people in our database including over 15,000 real estate agents, social media and website marketing, search-term optimization marketing, professional photography, direct contact to local potential buyers, professional network promotion, direct mail marketing and more, all based on a customized sales plan for the property. We service both residential and commercial listings.  The point is, you and your beneficiaries can have peace of mind that no stone has been left unturned in the marketing of your property, ensuring it sells for the highest possible price.

4. Off-Market Sales- Sometimes a property must sell but can’t go to market for various reasons.  We have a way to sell your property for you “off market.”  We have in-house cold callers, vast network of investors and developers (almost 100,000 of them), and access to portals where off-market deals trade.  We understand that different situations require a different creative approach and have found creative ways to make this work.

5. Remodel/repair consultation- We are happy to meet you at the property and give feedback on changes, remodels, upgrades you can make to bolster the property’s value.  Often times, spending $1 will yield you a 2x or 3x return on your money.  We will help you do that prior to selling your property.

6. Vendor teams- we have a vast network of people that we can refer to you to help get your probate sale closed- attorneys, contractors, handymen, estate sale representatives, landscapers, title companies, escrow companies, insurance companies, asset location experts.  You name it, we work closely with them and we can refer them to you.

Maher Probate Realty is a probate only real estate brokerage designed to help families create a smooth and equitable transaction and trade their real estate assets for the highest possible price.  Our firm was founded by an attorney who has over 21 years of real estate brokerage experience, specifically to ensure that no stone is left unturned in the probate sales process.

Please give us a call today to discuss the status of your probate case.  We get what you’re going through and we are here to help.

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