Ariel Aghachi

Ariel Aghachi

Investment Associate

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Ariel Aghachi was born and raised in Los Angeles. At an early age, he gained an appreciation for real estate through his father, a long-time real estate investor. The fundamentals of property analysis and cash flow projections are intrinsic to Ariel.

After graduating from Beverly Hills High School and attending Santa Monica College, Ariel completed his education at the University of Southern California majoring in business administration and real estate finance.

At Maher Commercial Realty, Ariel specializes in apartment buildings and development sites. He performs qualitative and quantitative analyses for potential acquisitions, along with dispositions and internal valuations. He is skilled at all levels of market research, including trend analysis and discounted cash flow analysis.

Ariel is a tenacious fact-finder who does deep research to produce information from multiple qualified sources. He compiles data into insightful, detailed reports and creates sophisticated financial models for investment analysis and income forecasting.

Ariel is well-versed in the Los Angeles real estate market. He has special expertise in the markets of East Hollywood, Los Feliz and Silver Lake.
In his free time, Ariel enjoys traveling and outdoor recreation, especially snowboarding, swimming and camping.


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